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Child protection

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The DER Touristik travel group is increasing its commitment to the protection of children in tourism, and by 20 November 2022, on World Children’s Day, it will adopt its first Group-wide child protection guideline. This applies to all business units, including tour operators, destination agencies, its own hotels and travel agencies.


DER Touristik GmbH

We offer security, reliability, variety and flexibility. And real prospects and career opportunities for your future.

Executive Board

DER Touristik Group

DER Touristik Group, the second largest travel group in Europe, announced its new leadership structure and joint group strategy for future growth today.


DER Touristik Hotels & Resorts

The hotel belonging to DER Touristik Group receives the Portuguese Tourism Federation’s national award for its comprehensive commitment to sustainability.

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Diversity and competence in  tourism

As one of the leading European tourist groups, DER Tourist Group will make your dream holiday come true. Each year, millions of guests entrust the group of companies with their holiday and business travel. To do so, they rely on the expertise of renowned tour operators, specialists, travel agencies, hotel brands, agencies at the resort and business travel experts of the competent and strong group. DER Touristik is a trusted partner that is guided by the needs of travellers. The group of companies can look back on over 100 years of history and is the travel and tourism division of the REWE Group, one of the leading European trading companies. More About us

Press Releases

3 Männer in Businesskleidung

DER Touristik Group Announces New Executive Board

From 1 January 2023, Executive Board members Dr Ingo Burmester (CEO Central Europe), Leif Vase Larsen (CEO International) and Boris Schnabel (CFO Group) will form the new operational leadership team for Europe’s second largest tourism group

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Strong brands under one umbrella

DER Touristik Group combines many international brands under one umbrella. This includes renowned tour operators and specialists, popular hotel brands and global destination agencies as well as strong travel agency and online sales and business travel experts.

What sustainability means for us

Sustainability is an important component of DER Touristik Group’s philosophy. As a travel group operating internationally, we take our responsibility towards people and nature in the holiday destinations very seriously, and advocate this as part of our sustainability programme “DER Welt verpflichtet” (Dedicated to DER World).

Current information and service for the media

Our press division provides information about current topics at DER Touristik. In addition to press releases and news on programme presentations, journalists find suitable images to download here, as well as the right press team contact partners for all media inquiries.

Joining forces for a successful future

As an employer in the travel industry, we offer attractive jobs with fair conditions and invest in consistent further training and education. On our jobs portal, you will find the vacant positions at DER Touristik.

Welcome to DER Touristik Group

No matter whether you’re a traveller, media professional, advertiser, applicant, hotel or travel agency, here everyone will find the way to us and directly to the right contact partner.