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DER Touristik Group working around the world to protect its guests and employees

The companies of the DER Touristik Group are implementing national directives – safety is the top priority

The spread of the coronavirus is currently disrupting the lives of people around the world. The battle against the virus has become a global challenge. Virtually every company and industry have been affected by it. Travel within people’s own countries and to other countries is now largely restricted. Every day, we learn about new information, travel warnings and directives issued by individual governments and authorities that have to be implemented at once. Even though they all have the same goal, countries and, occasionally, individual regions are taking different types of action.

Under the umbrella of DER Touristik Group, more than 130 companies are linked to create the widest range of providers in the travel industry. Our brands are represented in 16 European countries. They include tour operators, specialists, hotels and travel agencies. The directives issued by individual countries apply to all companies in the Group. “The coronavirus has created the biggest challenge that the travel industry has seen in decades,” said Sören Hartmann, the CEO of DER Touristik Group.

“This global crisis is unlike anything that we have experienced before. For the first time, the world community is called on to take forceful action to protect everyone. We understand our responsibilities, and we are well positioned. Every unit in our Group is carrying out national directives to immediately protect guests and employees. We are making sure this happens around the clock with an international task force.”

DER Touristik Group working around the world to protect its guests and employees

Getting to Know DER Touristik Group

New Company Brochure “Our Group. Your Pleasure.“

Over the past few years, the DER Touristik Group has developed into a leading pan-European travel group. It is currently active in 16 countries throughout Europe and manages more than 60 brands under its umbrella. The new brochure highlights the current presence, and introduces a section on specialists as well as the Group´s own network of destination agencies.

The second part deals with customers, partners and employees and how they can benefit from the DER Touristik Group. The brochure concludes on the theme of sustainability. Additional facts and data are provided by a post card-sized insert.

The brochure is available for download in German and English under Media > Publications.

Getting to Know DER Touristik Group

Go Vacation Sri Lanka honoured for its commitment to sustainability

Highest Travelife award presented to the DER Touristik agency

The DER Touristik destination agency Go Vacation Sri Lanka has won the Travelife Certified Sustainability Award. In presenting the award, the sustainability initiative Travelife honoured the special commitment made by DER Touristik and its agency to sustainable travel experiences in Sri Lanka. “Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important issue for many of our guests,” said Tim Grosse, the General Manager of Go Vacation Sri Lanka. “We have worked extremely hard to meet these standards as well as our own criteria. We are really proud about winning the highest award presented by Travelife. The award shows that we are taking the right approach.”

Go Vacation Sri Lanka erhält Auszeichnung für nachhaltiges Engagement
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