Projects and Initiatives on Sustainable Products

Sustainable tourism is more than just avoiding towel changes in the hotel room. It is about responsible travel, openness and respect for destinations travelled to, foreign habitats, people and cultures. The aim of DER Touristik is to integrate sustainable aspects in its products and to create authentic holiday experiences that inspire.


That is why DER Touristik is committed to holistic tourism that takes account of the social, ecological and economic aspects of the holiday destination in equal measure. It focuses on

  • an economic participation of the population in the destination
  • fair treatment of partners and their employees
  • innovative travel concepts that facilitate cultural exchange and authentic experiences
  • sustainable contributions to animal welfare and nature conservation
  • Enthusiasm for the beauty, but also understanding of the challenges facing the holiday destination

DERTOUR BEWUSST REISEN (Conscious Travel) Product Line

Information Meets Inspiration

DER Touristik


For all those who care about responsible travel, the BEWUSST REISEN product line combines sustainable travel products from the DERTOUR brand. Since 2021, these have been presented in the DERTOUR BEWUSST REISEN magalogue, a mixture of holiday catalogue and travel magazine – informative and inspirational at the same time.

  • supporting sustainable travel management
  • strengthening the local community
  • preserving the cultural heritage
  • minimising the ecological footprint with sustainable holidays

DERTOUR BEWUSST Reisen at a Glance

The DERTOUR BEWUSST REISEN magalogue product range comprises hotels within Europe, in destinations around the Mediterranean and in selected long-haul destinations. Exciting stories about the hotels and fascinating photos will spark your interest in getting to know the country and its people, while also supporting sustainable engagement on holiday. All hotels in the product line are certified as sustainable by a standard recognised by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). They stand out due to active sustainability management, reduce their ecological footprint, demonstrate social responsibility and specifically integrate the local community in their activities.


In addition to certified hotels, the DERTOUR BEWUSST REISEN magalogue also includes selected activities and excursions that meet the criteria for responsible tourism in terms of transport, environmental and nature conservation, food as well as social and cultural aspects. Practical tips and suggestions on the topic of responsible travel round off the content.


A true added value of the DERTOUR BEWUSST REISEN product line: for travel packages presented as examples, the magalogue directly provides information on the associated CO₂ footprint. In this way, it is possible to calculate the balance of those CO₂ emissions that cannot be saved and avoided by other measures during the journey with a comparatively small amount of money. The respective amount is calculated for each travel product in the magalogue as an example, and displayed under the respective product.

This is facilitated by the cooperation with the climate protection organisation MyClimate. The joint offsetting site of DER Touristik Group and MyClimate can be reached via Here, guests can voluntarily offset the climate footprint of the entire trip by investing in climate protection projects elsewhere.


The DERTOUR BEWUSST REISEN products can be reserved via the travel agencies as well as online at

The plan in 2022 is to develop a comprehensive online Welt BEWUSST REISEN, in which holiday products together with exciting stories on projects and initiatives from the area of commitment of DER Touristik and its partners are attractively presented so as to establish the wide range of sustainable and responsible travel products.

Labelling of Sustainable Products

The Green Leaf Provides Orientation

DER Touristik

The jungle of travel products is vast. How can I find my environmentally-friendly dream trip?

For providing a transparent tool when planning your holiday, DER Touristik has teamed up with the sustainability initiative, Futouris e.V., to implement a strategy for the comprehensive labelling of sustainable holiday products. As part of the “Green Travel Transformation” project, the data provider Green Travel Index was launched, which collects and processes data from recognised sustainability certificates. Upon the initiative of DER Touristik, labelling products based on various seals was transformed into an industry-wide labelling of sustainable travel products. Since 2019, corresponding hotels in the catalogues of the DERTOUR, Meiers Weltreisen, ITS and Jahn Reisen brands have been uniformly labelled with a Green Leaf as certified sustainable. All certificates are recognised by a Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) and therefore satisfy the highest requirements for compliance with environmental and social standards in tourism.


In addition to representation in the catalogue, DER Touristik has also implemented the possibility of a targeted online search for sustainable hotels: since early 2020, these hotels have also been labelled accordingly with the Green Leaf on the Bistro travel agency booking platform, and can be taken up in the booking conversation and in the consultation. What is more, the number of sustainably managed hotels in the DER Touristik tour operator portfolio is being successively expanded and the development of sustainable travel products is being constantly promoted at the same time.


Next goal: by 2023, 25 per cent of DER Touristik’s core portfolio should consist of sustainably certified hotels.

Luxury beach with mountain in Mauritius. Sandy beach with palms and blue ocean. Aerial view

The Wise Dodo

Preserving the Rich Heritage of Mauritius 

DER Touristik      DER Touristik

The enigmatic land bird, the dodo, once lived on Mauritius, but became extinct 300 years ago. DER Touristik has now brought it back to life as a symbol for its campaign “The Wise Dodo. Preserve our Island”. Under the sign of the bird, both the DERTOUR and Meiers Weltreisen brands combine authentic travel experiences that focus on the invaluable cultural heritage and diverse flora and fauna while also promoting social and environmentally relevant projects. Only those holiday experiences that fulfil six defined sustainability criteria are allowed to bear the name “The Wise Dodo”:

  1. Authentic experience
  2. Biodiversity & coral health
  3. Equal opportunities
  4. Waste prevention
  5. Resource conservation
  6. Inclusion of local communities.

DERTOUR and Meiers Weltreisen committed themselves in Mauritius as pilot partners of the project “Sustainable Island Mauritius (SIM)”, which promotes the development of the island as a sustainable holiday destination. It was launched in 2018 by the Mauritian Tourism Authority (MTA) and the Germany-based Collaborating Centre on Sustainable Consumption (CSCP). As part of the pilot project, tour operators, the hotel industry, politics and destination agencies – led by the Mautourco agency in which DER Touristik has a stake – cooperated in an unprecedented way. As regards content, the focus was on enhancing the positive impact of tourism, the so-called hand print, and reducing its negative effects, the ecological footprint, at the same time.


Once the pilot phase is complete, tours under the sign of the Wise Dodo will continue to provide DER Touristik customers with exciting moments. The tours with the Wise Dodo can also be booked in combination with certified hotels from the DER TOURISTIK portfolio. Together, this will create a holiday that will create a lasting impression.



On a Journey of Discovery with the Clever Dodo 

“Natir” is the Creole word for nature and originality. The eco-tour that shares its name takes participants to the small island of Île aux Aigrettes, which is listed as a nature reserve thanks to its special biodiversity. You can’t help but be amazed by a visit to the turtle rehabilitation centre: a project supported by the DER Touristik Foundation. Back on Mauritius, traditional flair beckons at Mahebourg market. A crash course teaches the art of fishing net knotting. A special highlight is a meal with a local family.


The full-day tour “Letan Lontemps” is a small journey into the past: Chamarel with its seven-coloured earth is also on the programme, as is the Bel Hombre biosphere reserve, an insight into the art of coffee roasting and an upcycling project. In the ebony forest, participants plant a tree with their own hands and therefore contribute to renaturation.


Artists and artisans are at the heart of the half-day excursion “Nou Artizan”. At the workshop with the women’s initiative, palm and coconut fibres are processed. The income from this project enables women to improve their income and the educational opportunities of their children. Another ray of hope for both locals and tour participants is the private initiative “Abaim”, which cares for vulnerable children and families. The home-made rhythm instruments of the Ravanne and Maravann farmers ring out at the end of the tour.