For More Climate Protection

 Climate change represents one of the most pressing issues of our time. To stop it, CO2 emissions must be drastically reduced. For Dr Ingo Burmester, CEO DER Touristik Central Europe, this issue is particularly close to his heart: “Climate change is the most serious challenge facing our planet and we, as DER Touristik, bear joint responsibility with the entire industry to achieve climate neutrality for travel. Freedom of travel and mobility are a valuable asset – also and especially for the development of sustainable conduct in the holiday regions. Tourism contributes towards cosmopolitanism and tolerance among travellers and is an essential economic pillar in many holiday destinations. That is why our goal is to consider ecological, economic and social aspects of destinations in equal measure.”

The DER Touristik Group is applying several strategies here. An important fine-tuning tool is the Group’s own environmental strategy: technical optimisation, digitalisation, energy and water saving measures, waste reduction, etc. have already ensured a considerable reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions in the company over recent years.

One of the essential and most effective measures in the area of climate protection is the reduction of emissions during holidays, which are mainly caused by means of transport such as aeroplanes and cruise ships and by hotels’ energy consumption.

Until zero-emission travel becomes possible, it is important to achieve more transparency about the footprint of travel. This enables tourism businesses, but also customers, to understand their climate footprint and integrate it into decisions about travel or products.