History of DER Touristik

17. Oktober 1917
DER Deutsches Reisebüro is founded in Berlin in equal shares by Norddeutsche Lloyd and Hamburg-America line.

DER Deutsches Reisebüro is renamed Mitteleuropäisches Reisebüro (MER).

The first subsidiary is founded in New York.

ADAC-Reise GmbH is founded under the company name ADAC-Reise- und Wirtschaftsdienste GmbH, Munich.

MER is renamed Deutsches Reisebüro. Relocation from Berlin to Frankfurt/Main. The Allied Control Council expropriates the subsidiaries abroad and in Eastern Germany. The travel agencies located in the GDR are consolidated in the state-owned "Reisebüro der DDR" (travel agency of the GDR).

The travel brand Tjäreborg is founded in the Danish town of Tjæreborg.

ADAC-Reise- und Wirtschaftsdienste GmbH is refounded as first ADAC subsidiary after the War.

ADAC-Reise- und Wirtschaftsdienste GmbH is renamed ADAC-Reise GmbH.

The tour operator ITS is entered in the commercial register of Cologne as subsidiary of Kaufhof Group.

Tjaereborg Reisen GmbH Deutschland is entered in the commercial register as subsidiary of Tjäreborg Denmark.

Derpart Reisevertrieb GmbH is founded by DER and medium-sized partner companies.Friedrich Jahn founds Jahn Reisen in Munich.

Deutsche Lufthansa acquires a stake in DER, further shareholders include Deutsche Bahn, Hapag Lloyd and abr-Reisebüro.

Meier’s Weltreisen is founded by LTU.

The Dertour brand is introduced.

REWE Group acquires a stake in Atlas Reisebüro GmbH (18 branches), Cologne.

Opening of the first Club Calimera.

ADAC Mitgliederreisen is founded.

Expansion of the travel agency chain to 300 Atlas agencies.

The shares in DER held by Deutsche Bahn (66.8 per cent) and Deutsche Lufthansa (33.2 per cent) are consolidated.REWE Group acquires ITS from Kaufhof AG. A further 300 travel agencies are integrated into the national sales network of Atlas Reisen. The first stone of the tour operator business is laid.Foundation of the hotel chain PrimaSol Hotels.

Merger of abr and DER.

Lufthansa withdraws as shareholder of DER, Deutsche Bahn becomes the sole shareholder. Dertour and the sales division of DER become independent subsidiaries of Deutsches Reisebüro GmbH. The direct marketing company ITS Billa Reisen, Vienna, is founded by ITS in Austria.

REWE-Zentralfinanz eG, Cologne, acquires all shares in DER from Deutsche Bahn AG in January. The market position of REWE Group's travel and tourism segment is expanded together with the sister companies ITS Reisen and Atlasreisen.Now also under the REWE umbrella: the co-operation partner Derpart.

Dertour acquires a controlling interest (51 per cent) in ADAC Reisen, Munich. AD Clubreisen GmbH is founded by ADAC-Reise GmbH and Dertour as a joint venture in which Dertour holds a controlling interest. As of the start of the co-operation, the brand is renamed ADAC Reisen.

Acquisition of LTU Touristik GmbH, Düsseldorf, with the tour operator brands Jahn Reisen, Tjaereborg and Meier's Weltreisen. Acquisition of 40 per cent of shares of the airline LTU Fluggesellschaft in Düsseldorf. Launch of the franchise system Atlasreisen, acquisition of TourContact GmbH by LTU Touristik and foundation of Reisebüro Service Gesellschaft RSG. Atlasreisen Austria and the tour operator LTU Touristik are founded in Wiener Neudorf.

Dertour Austria GmbH is founded as Austrian subsidiary of Dertour in Salzburg.

LTU Touristik acquires a stake in the travel agency co-operation ProTours AG (25.1 per cent). The hotel operator LTU Touristik Hotels & Investments is founded

Meier’s Weltreisen relocates to Frankfurt am Main.

Dertour enters the luxury market with the brand Dertour deluxe.

DER Business Travel establishes a partnership with the Australian company FCm Travel Solutions under the company name FCm DER Travel Solutions.

Affiliate inclusion of the Austrian tour operator brands ITS Billa Reisen and Jahn Reisen Österreich in the newly established REWE Austria Touristik GmbH. LTU Touristik GmbH is renamed REWE Touristik GmbH.The tour operator ITS Coop Travel is founded in Switzerland.REWE Group divests its shares in LTU.

The Deutsches Reisebüro Group enters into a joint venture with the Indonesian agency Go Vacation Indonesia.  The tour operator clevertours.com for corporate clients is founded.

Dertour acquires the majority of shares in the health travel specialist Dr. Holiday AG and enters the health travel market. Dertour acquires the website camperboerse.de. FCm DER Travel Solutions is renamed FCm Travel Solutions. REWE Touristik GmbH acquires 100 per cent of the travel agency co-operation ProTours AG.

Reisebüro Service Gesellschaft (RSG) becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of REWE Touristik GmbH. Opening of Go Vacation Ltd. Denpasar, Indonesia. The direct marketing company ITS Billa Travel is founded in Prague, Czech Republic.

Opening of Go Vacation Ltd. Colombo, Sri Lanka.

REWE Group Travel and Tourism introduces a common mission statement for its travel and tourism companies.

Dertour launches its catalogue "Gay Travel" on the market and acquires a stake in the online portal www.holidayinsider.com, a website for private holiday accommodation. Acquisition of shares of the Czech market leader Exim Tours.

Introduction of the common group brand DER Touristik for the still independent tour operators brands, the travel agency sales and FCm Travel Solutions. Atlasreisen travel agencies are renamed DER Reisebüro.

Premiere for the new flexible tour operator Travelix which will replace Tjaereborg Indi. Travel agencies and customers will find the catalogue offer of Tjaereborg to a large extent at ITS now.

DER Touristik acquires 50 per cent of Prijsvrij. As of now, the Dutch online travel portal will supplement the foreign travel segment of DER Touristik.

Germany's second largest tourism company will unite the activities of its over 60 companies and equities under a single management. In the future, DER Touristik will be headed by an Executive Board of five members under the overall responsibility of the CEO.

By acquiring the European tour operator and sales activities of Kuoni, DER Touristik repositions itself in the marketplace as one of Europe's leading tourism companies. The Kuoni units in Switzerland, Great Britain, Scandinavia and the Benelux become part of the new DER Touristik in autumn 2015. DER Touristik now brings together 16 tour operators, 26 specialists, 2,400 travel agencies, 48 hotels and an airline under one roof.

The company's management structure has been modified as well: The new organisational structure is overseen by the International Board led by Sören Hartmann (CEO of DER Touristik Group). In his position as board member, René Herzog (CEO of Central Europe) heads the new Executive Board Central Europe. The management teams of DER Touristik operations in Frankfurt am Main and Cologne as well as international companies report to this board.

DER Touristik's sustainability initiative "DER Welt verpflichtet" (committed to the world) issues a positive assessment of its work in December 2015. Twenty school projects in 13 countries have been conducted since the effort was launched at the beginning of 2014.

Dertour Städtereisen celebrates its 45th anniversary in 2016.

FCM Travel Solutions adds a new logo.

With its “Campus” programme, DER Touristik launches a new cross-brand training concept and will reach around 28,500 travel agency employees with it.

In March, the new DER Concept Store is unveiled in Berlin. With the help of technical innovations, the store enables customers in the Friedrich Street location to experience the DER sales brand with all of their senses.

The destination agency Go Vacation Vietnam is established. Its creation strengthens the agency network of 17 Group-owned destination agencies and about 50 affiliated offices around the world.

DER Touristik signs the Code of Conduct and officially committs itself to protecting children.

The first international Corporate Responsibility Workshop attended by members of all DER Touristik units is held.

The DER Touristik Group receives the World Tourism Award 2016 for the sustainability initiative “DER Welt verpflichtet” (Committed to the World).

Dieter Zümpel becomes the new CEO of Kuoni Switzerland. The Swiss unit also asks DER Touristik Frankfurt to take over production for the Kuoni tour operator. A separate team is being set up in Frankfurt to perform this job.

In October, Boris Schnabel becomes Chief Financial Officer of DER Touristik Group, rounding out the management team of the international travel company.

Dertour reveals the secret about its repositioning: red design, new look, the slogan “Für mich. Perfekt” (For me. Perfect) and new thematic worlds in catalogues – it is all designed to help customers and travel agencies to quickly orientate themselves and simultaneously create the foundation on which Dertour can refocus its travel offerings.

A streamlined management structure is introduced at DER Touristik Central Europe in mid-November: As part of this change, DER Touristik in Germany, Austria and Switzerland gained a joint Management Board led by the CEO of Central Europe, René Herzog. The new board was formed from the previous Executive Board Central Europe and the so-called GFB assembly.

Set to take effect at the end of July 2017, Kuoni Reisen AG becomes DER Touristik Suisse AG. Parallel to the renaming, the company will transfer its headquarters from its location in the Escher-Wyss district of Zurich to the Altstetten district. Neither change will have an impact on the well-known tour-operator and well-respected specialist brands.

The DER Touristik Group gives itself a new structure: An international holding company is supposed to provide cooperation within the tourism division of the REWE group. In the first step, the six German Tour Operators will be bundled in DER Touristik Deutschland GmbH in August 2017.

The DER Touristik Group is modernizing its aircraft fleet: The tour operator Apollo operates its own charter airline Novair under the umbrella of the DER Touristik Group. It is modernizing the previous fleet with two new Airbus A-321 Neo aircraft.

New destination agencies of the DER Touristik Group in Africa and India: With Go Vacation Africa and Go Vacation India, two new destination agencies will start their work in 2017. They cover the destinations India, South Africa, Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar and are therefore the first point of contact for the guests at vacation destinations.

"100 years of DER - 100 years of holiday love": In 2017, DER Touristik in Germany is celebrating its 100-year company history. Since it was founded in Berlin on October 17, 1917, the former Deutsches Reisebüro has developed from a rail ticket agent into one of the leading tourism groups in Europe.

FCM becomes DER Business Travel: The business travel division of DER Touristik appears under the new DER Business Travel brand.

Kuoni France becomes part of DER Touristik: With its acquisition of the French company Travel Lab SAS, a business better known as Kuoni France, in March 2018, the travel and tourism division of REWE Group is now present in the attractive French market. The Group has expanded its reach by acquiring the French tour operator with its flagship brand Kuoni France and six other specialist brands that offer exclusive travel opportunities.

Group structure of the tourism division of REWE Group successfully implemented: The tourism activities are bundled under a separate holding company - DER Touristik Group GmbH - and the structure of the company is adapted to the structure of the business areas.

New destination agency in Croatia: DER Touristik Group is continuing to expand its network of destination agencies. In the increasingly popular holiday destination of Croatia, DER Touristik Services Croatia was founded in spring 2018.

The new DER cruise portal links the sales channels: DER Reisebüro is launching a new information and booking portal. It connects the online and offline world: The customer can find all the information online and can contact DER cruise experts at any time to receive individual advice on the right choice of route, shipping company and cabin, or travel packages and shore excursions.

DER Touristik UK launches new online travel specialist: Meraki Travel is revolutionizing long-distance travel planning in Great Britain. The latest of over 30 specialists in the DER Touristik Group relies on an exclusively digital concept. The centerpiece is the digital travel planner: Here, the customer selects from existing routes and uses this as a basis to put together their own tailor-made vacation. He receives price information and travel plan in real time.

DER Touristik UK takes over Latin America specialists: With Journey Latin America, DER Touristik UK is adding the award-winning market leader for travel to Central and South America to its portfolio of specialists. Whether luxury trip or individual trip, family vacation or accompanied tours, Journey Latin America offers a wide selection of vacation trips that are adapted to the most diverse customer requirements.

The supervisory board of Rewe Zentralfinanz eG has prematurely extended Sören Hartmann's management contract. Sören Hartmann, Board Member for Tourism at REWE Group since July 1, 2017, will receive a new contract from January 1, 2019 with a term of three and a half years. He will be responsible for all of the activities of the travel division, known as DER Touristik Group, active in 15 European source markets.

In Switzerland, Kuoni is gaining a foothold in the growing sports travel market: The traditional tour operator creates the new Kuoni Sports brand and is launching a long-term cooperation with Ochsner Sport, the country's largest sporting goods retailer. For the first time, DER Touristik Suisse is running a specialized tour operator for worldwide sporting activities related to top-class and popular sport.

Partnership with long-term partner Mautourco Holdings Ltd. in Mauritius: DER Touristik Group expanding the network of destination agencies.

DER Touristik is modernizing its hotel brands lti and Calimera: Calimera is sharpening its profile as an upscale family club, lti is positioning itself as an adult-friendly brand in the premium segment with the topics of enjoyment, relaxation and fitness.

Handover at DER Touristik Central Europe: Dr. Ingo Burmester will succeed René Herzog as CEO of DER Touristik Central Europe on June 1, 2019, and will head the largest division of the DER Touristik Group with the entire sales and tour operator business in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

DER Business Travel sold: DER Touristik Central Europe sold the business travel chain DER Business Travel to American Express Global Business Travel (GBT). All employees are taken over.

Takeover of the Czech tourism company Fischer: The DER Touristik Group is continuing its growth trajectory in Eastern Europe. Its Czech subsidiary Exim Holding a.s. (Prague) plans to take over the tourism company Cestovní kancelář FISCHER, a.s. (also in Prague). The acquisition is subject to the approval of antitrust authorities.

DER Touristik Group is expanding in Romania: In October, its subsidiary Exim Holding a.s. buys the company Travel Brands SRL, based in Bucharest. This means that the largest travel agency in the country with 80 branches, an organizer and a business travel unit with a destination agency belong to the group of companies.

New destination agency for Cambodia travelers: The Asia specialist among the destination agencies of the DER Touristik Group is expanding to Cambodia. Go Vacation Cambodia will take care of the guests of the European travel group. The DER Touristik Group is thus expanding its own network of destination agencies to 27 countries with around 1,700 employees who look after around 4 million guests annually.

DER Touristik takes over the hotel brand Sentido: After successful conclusion of the purchase negotiations with the Thomas Cook insolvency administrator, the hotel brand Sentido changes under the umbrella of DER Touristik.

Hotel acquisition in Madeira: DER Touristik Hotels & Resorts, the hotel company of DER Touristik, took over the Galo Resort, consisting of three hotels, on Madeira on January 31, 2020. The resort will operate as Sentido Galo Resort in the future.

New destination agency in Cyprus: DER Touristik Group is very well represented with its network of destination agencies in the Mediterranean region. The agency network is now being completed with the new Destination Touristik Services company in Cyprus (dts Cyprus). The destination agency is based in Limassol.

Biggest return campaign in the company's history: In spring 2020, 44,000 package tour guests who were stuck in holiday destinations due to the corona pandemic will be returned to their homeland.

Merger of the own hotel brands lti and Sentido in April 2020. Sentido becomes the new brand name.

Takeover of the Czech tourism company Fischer: The DER Touristik Group focuses on growth in Eastern Europe: its Czech subsidiary Exim Holding a.s. based in Prague announces the intention to purchase the tourism company Cestovní kancelář Fischer, a.s. (also Prague). After examination by the Czech Cartel Office, the purchase will be approved and completed in spring 2020 without any conditions.

With a detailed prevention concept, DER Touristik supports its hotel partners worldwide with the reopening after the corona lockdown.

DER travel agency buys 25 Galeria travel agencies. All employees and trainees will be taken on.

Change at the top of the DER Touristik Group in Eastern Europe: Jiri Jelinek, as CEO DER Touristik Eastern Europe, takes over the management of the Eastern European business of the DER Touristik Group. In this position he has overall responsibility for the Exim and Fischer brands as well as the Eastern European countries.

DER Touristik Group joins Aldiana Club Resorts: The antitrust authorities have unconditionally approved the 50 percent stake of the REWE Group's travel division in the provider of club holidays in the premium segment.

The tour operator ITS is celebrating its 50th birthday in November 2020.

DER Touristik sells Nordic airline: The Northern European subsidiary DER Touristik Nordic with its leading brand Apollo sells the airline Novair to the Danish Jet Nordic Group. The travel group will therefore rely on strategic airline partners instead of its own fleet in the future.

The tour operator Dertour is celebrating 50 years of city trips.





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