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DER Touristik Group

On a growth trajectory

DER Touristik Group is one of the leading travel companies in Europe. It has assembled a range of business segments related to travel and tourism under its umbrella.
In 2018, it became a holding company with four divisions. The business group has grown internationally through the acquisition of the European tour operators and sales activities of Kuoni in Switzerland, Great Britain, Scandinavia including Finland and the Benelux (2015). It entered the French market in 2018 by acquiring the company Travel Lab SAS, which is better known as Kuoni France.

The DER Touristik Group is expanding into Eastern Europe by purchasing the Romanian company Travel Brands SA (2019). In addition to tour operator activities, this means that Romania´s largest stationary sales network now belongs to the Group and operates under Dertour branding.
This is followed by the acquisition of the Czech tourism company Cestovní kancelář Fischer, a.s. (2020). The goal is, together with the Fischer Group, to optimally develop travel products in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and to offer customers the best possible platforms.

Over the past few years, the Group has also been expanding its own network of destination agencies, and recently opened agencies in Mauritius, Cambodia and Cyprus.



Under international management

DER Touristik Group is managed by the eight-member International Board. The board is led by Sören Hartmannn, the CEO of DER Touristik Group. In addition to the CEOs of the source markets incorporated into the divisions, the International Board is complemented by executives who oversee destination agencies, human resources, finance, hotels and digital transformation. The board’s work is based on the expertise of the company’s employees and on a close partnership among its various business segments.


More than 130 companies
in 16 European countries:
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DER Touristik Group’s division-based structure.


Traditional brands like Kuoni and DER Deutsches Reisebüro have existed for more than 100 years. You will find historic facts and figures about the brands and the evolution of DER Touristik Group here.

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